All About the DOG Sculpture Installation and Akane Takayama

Monday, 26 April 2010

Paradise Gardens, Victoria Park, E3

Paradise Gardens, Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets

The DOG Sculpture Installation will be at the Paradise Gardens event in Victoria Park on 19th and 20th June 2010.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Other Sculptures by Akane Takayama

Akane Takayama produces sculptures which always create intrigue. Her work relies on subtle challenges posed by the use of juxtaposition. In form, material and construction the art of Takayama places improbable combinations in harmony with each other.

In the "Ziggurat of Dreams" (seen above in her studio) a city arises in a gathering of competing forms from a milky wave. The precision required to produce a work where the detail broaches the viewer's resistance to the sculpture's reality is the hallmark of this artist's work.

In the Avenger series, an example of which is above, the forms are strong and convey to the viewer a familiarity which on closer inspection is simply a trick of the mind. What is this sculpture shown above? Do you see a 'head'? Do you see an animal or maybe an insect? Surely this is none of these things, all we see are the contours and weighty solidity of an item of mythic quality. In the questions Takayama sets within her work we find ourselves connecting to this art and discovering something more about our world.

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DOG Sculpture Installation: Arts Council Grant Award

We are very pleased to announce that Akane Takayama's application for funding to the Arts Council was successful and the DOG Sculpture Installation has been awarded a grant to cover a substantial portion of the cost of this work.

DOG Sculpture Installation: Field Test

We have recently completed a "field test" with a small sample of the models at London Fields in Hackney, East London. This was an exciting opportunity to get a good idea on both the durability of the installation, there was a good breeze blowing, and the level of interest it would generate.

As can be seen in the image above, once the artist starts to create the relationships between the DOG models they are transformed from relatively simple and straightforward cardboard and paper models into an installation public art work. When Takayama began to develop this project many people unconnected with the world of contemporary art could only see "cardboard dog models" and viewed the project as "a bit of fun". Once in installation however people were drawn to the field test from far and wide across London Fields.

Whilst small children would come tottering over, hands outstretched with wide eyes and big grins, parents would want to know "What is it? What is it for?". The artist explained patiently about the concept and what she was going to be doing at the Create Festival in Victoria Park on the 19th and 20th of June 2010. The response was universal, everyone loved what they were hearing and enthusiastically said they would come and see the full installation.

All afternoon of the field test people came by and took pictures with their mobile phones and digital cameras. As they realised that the field test represented a small sample, the final installation would be more than ten times the number of DOG Sculptures we had out that afternoon their eyes widened in disbelief.

"This is totally amazing I can't wait to see the full thing, it will be awesome." said Andy Benson who was in the park with his 8 year old daughter.

Yes Andy, it will be amazing and when people see the installation we are confident they will never forget it.