All About the DOG Sculpture Installation and Akane Takayama

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Akane Takayama, an artist in London

Akane Takayama has been working as an artist in London
for the last twenty five years. She has exhibited at:
  • Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London (1992)
  • Atlantis Gallery, London (1992)
  • Daiwa Foundation, London (1995)
  • Blue Gallery, London (1995)
  • Mizuma Fine Art, Tokyo (1995)
  • Henry Peacock Gallery, London (2001)
  • Chelsea Physic Garden Sculpture Show, London (2002)
  • Domo Ball Gallery, London (2002)
  • Short listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2002)
  • Cafe Gallery Projects, London (2004)
  • Space Open Exhibition London (2005)
  • Sefton Open , Merseyside (2006)

Collage (2007) The Princess and The Dragon

Her work reveals the journey of an artist from one distinct cultural background developing her insights within the space of, what is for her, an alien cultural space. Throughout her work there is a tension between scale and perspective that creates a discourse on cultural iconography. To be an artist moving to a different culture as a young woman and then having to work hard, often in isolation, to establish herself both on the material and artistic levels provides an underlying strength to her work which provides real credibility.

Institution places buildings, maybe a town, maybe a fortress, into our sight. All is shockingly normal, all is precise, a statement of cultural architecture, a construct of built space, strangely recognisable, radiating a beguiling warmth from its cold emptiness.

video courtesy of Artists for Human Rights Channel


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