All About the DOG Sculpture Installation and Akane Takayama

Friday, 16 July 2010

DOG Sculpture Installation: Sculptural Evolution.

Once you have claimed your DOG Sculpture at one of the installation events then you can join in with the ongoing public art which will build to a stunning climax next year.

The first part of the evolution is to take your DOG home and photograph all of the situations it gets into. These photographs can then be sent to a central archive by e-mail:

Once there they will be archived and displayed in an on line gallery. In this way the dynamic of the sculpture grows and it is the members of the public who become the artists and set the DOG within a context.

The photographs can also be posted on social networking sites and you can join the artist at Akane Takayama DOG Sculpture Installation on Facebook. Twitter news will be found through the HumanRightsTV twitter acount.

As the on line exhibition grows all involved will then be invited to take part in a very special and currently very secret event in which the installation will go international. Every member of the DOG art community will receive a credit for their work and several top public galleries will be involved.

DOG Sculpture Installation: Clissold Park 31st July 2010 from 12.30
Holland Park 8th August 2010 from 12.30


  1. I featured your DOG Sculpture project on my blog Dog Art Today. I think this is a great idea and love that the response has been so positive. Great work! Here is the link to the post I wrote...

  2. P.S. I also submitted your project to and they featured you today. Here is that link...

  3. Many thanks to you Moira, really appreciate the support. Akane has worked incredibly hard on this and her work with the school children has been inspirational. You would be most welcome, as with everyone else, to join her Facebook group DOG Sculpture Installation. There are a lot of future plans for this work and there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy being a part of this art.