All About the DOG Sculpture Installation and Akane Takayama

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Clissold Park, now there are more DOGs out there!

The installation at Clissold Park was a great success. We have spent today tired and worn out after having completed delivery of the installation and a very long day.

Already the images are flowing in and we will be getting them up on line. The image above has come in from Oxford! So yesterday's DOGs have already started their individual journies!

We intend to publish all photographs of the DOGs but do not want to publish any images with children in for obvious reasons. Maybe a sign of a sad world but no need to take any chance
where their welfare is concerned.

Equally, with adults in images with DOG sculptures maybe it would be kind of you to state in a text or e-mail if you want us to post the image freely on the web.

The real beauty is that if you gather images of the DOGs within your own creative reference, then there are none of these more mundane problems. The image above is a good case in point, consider what this image conveys to you in terms of ideas.

Many thanks to all the people who came. You are now all in possession of a limited number of Takayama original sculptures which you can now use to create your own artist images. As a public art sculpture this artist conceived of the idea that she is working beyond the conformity of a gallery or installation but to see the process of 'public art' to move beyond public ownership and into public creativity.

Holland Park is the final physical installation, Sunday 8th August, and after that there are a finite number of DOG sculptures out in the world. Some may be discarded, some may be treasured, some may be forgotten but then what turns up from this art is, once Holland Park is complete, the creative input of you.

We can't wait to see what will happen.

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