All About the DOG Sculpture Installation and Akane Takayama

Friday, 14 May 2010

The children say it all.

With the workshops now in full flow the results being produced are looking very interesting. The children are producing their own models and appear very happy with the artist's involvement with them. There is another side to the project which is the children's involvement with the actual installation.

At the back of the neck of the DOG sculptures there is a small "pocket" into which will go slips collected form the pupils. These slips contain a simple aspiration, the children's expression of a wish for the future. As we have been looking at these "messages" we have wondered what they say about us and our society.

Given the freedom to express themselves in this way we find that the messages are full of hope, full of expressions to create a better world and some are surprisingly perceptive about the issues our planet now faces. The possibility to make the world a better place appears as a core understanding that these 7 to 9 year old children have. One wonders what exactly happens to these insights and desires as they travel through the education system and take their place in the world of adults.

Somehow, we feel that these messages really demand to be heard so we will be publishing some of them here as the project continues. Obviously we are not correcting spelling as the meaning is always, mostly, clear.

"I wish that no-one was poor, and that there was no war."

"I wish that nobody had to live out side and they had there own homes"

"How I would like to change the world, is that if people would help the enviroment and save the animals from extinction. I say this is because we make pollution and that makes are animals in danger of extinction"

"I wish there was no poor or rich (we should be as one)"

"Do be honest"

"I wish the Govement stopped gangstas"

"I wish that the gun crimes stops"

"I wish monkeys stops eating bananas because they eat too much."

"Respect everyone and be equal even if you're black or white it doesn't matter just care for each other rich or poor and don't forget no more war and defeat together and no more pollution."

"I wish that whales and dolphins don't become rare in the future."

"I hope all babys who enter this world, enter this world with peace."

"more science"

"I wish no one is rude to each other."

Do respect property and do be gentle."

"Do good work because work is good."

"I wish that there were no bullies and no one got hurt."

"I wish for people stop killing and I wish for a dog and a cat."

"Stop poverty please."

"To have everyone treated equally eg: no poverty."

"I wish everyone in a safe position."

"I wish that the earth will never die."

"I wish there was no crime"

I wish tigers don't become extinct, and all the other big scary animals because some of the people are scared"

"I hope all crimes in the world stops"

"I would like the world to be helpful"

"Give the por [sic] people money and help them work and they will get money from work please and people that I know is por"

"I wish that Africa had more food."

"I wish that every country should have enough food, so we don't die!"

"I would like the world to be good"

"I would like the world to be friends"

"I wish I could fly to the earth"

"I will like people to be happy"

"I will like everyone to be good"

"I wish there was no wars"

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